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Facebook launches mind-reading wristband with CTRL labs

The neural interface start-up: CTRL labs, would be providing materials to Facebook in order to produce mind-reading wristbands. CTRL labs are known for its wristbands which can transmit electrical signals from the brain directly to the input of the computer. Apart from this, it has also been reported that CTRL Labs would also be part of future technology-related projects of Facebook.

The announcement was made by the AR and VR head of Facebook, Andrew Bosworth in the official Facebook page. According to reports from Bloomberg, the contract is said to be around $500 million- $1 billion, which is a huge amount.

According to Andrew Bosworth, the production of the mind-reading wristbands would help in interacting with the machines without any external tool like keyboard and mouse. This project is going to be huge and would be having a lot of eyes on it.

If the mind-reading wristbands become a success, then Facebook would be able to bring futuristic technology, the kind of technology which can only be imagined to appear in the next 20-30 years, in the present time.

After the announcement from Facebook was received, CTRL also made a public message declaring their excitement about working with Facebook and hoping that the project becomes a success. Facebook has faced quite a many controversies regarding the interference in the personal life of the users, storing their private data, and many more, which hampers the safety and security of the users. With this mind-reading wristband coming into news, many users would find uncomfortable in letting their private lives get controlled by Facebook.

It cannot be said whether the wristband would be successful or not, but one thing we can be sure that the future of technology would be great with such inventions coming into view.

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