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Blizzard opens up about the characters from overwatch coming to Super Smash Bros

The introduction of new characters from overwatch has led the players into excitement. There has been lots of guessing as to who the next character would be, but there is always something unexpected. It was being hoped that Tracer would appear as the next overwatch character, but it turns out that the fourth DLC character is Terry Bogard.

Though the fans are still hoping that Tracer would also come as a character in the game, nothing can be said. Even if some other character from hero shooter makes an appearance in this game, the players would have the benefit. Though the news of appearance of characters from Overwatch developers had a good response, but it solely depends upon Nintendo as to which character would have the entry in the game.

The producers of Blizzard, Wes Yanagi, and Andrew Boyd stated in an interview that it is difficult to choose a hero for a game, as every character has a specific talent and choosing one of them is a tedious task and Nintendo would be doing that job. There have been lot of rumors and leaks related to the next character introduction, and it is quite hard to believe which one is true but in the interview, it has been pointed out that Llyod from Bandai Namco’s Tales and Waluigi had been taken into account, though it is not being said that Nintendo would have this character in the game.

The Super Smash Bro. Ultimate is available in the Nintendo Switch and might even be made available in the Switch Lite after the “Lite” version gets released. For now, the Switch users would have the benefit of playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in their devices. There are more characters to come into view, and all we can do is guess and hope that the favorite characters make it to the game.

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