Why the Untitled Goose Game became an instant hit?

The Goose game has become an instant hit from the day it first arrived. Why? Simply because it is too funny. The Untitled Goose Game is full of humor and jokes, the kind of jokes that we know from our childhood. The game is an invention from House House, and the creators are quite happy with the reviews.

The game basically consists of a goose, which would be the character of the user, who would be roaming around the village doing mischievous things which are also funny. Apart from the goose, the game has a gardener who is too fond of his belongings, a grocery keeper and a young boy who is afraid of the goose.

What are the activities of the goose? Apparently, the goose is made to irritate the people and trouble them. One of the activity is honking on the gardener, when he is about to hammer the nail on the fence, making him accidentally harm his own fingers, which is quite funny. There are also instances as to when the goose would pull the chair when a character is about to sit, making them fall hard on their bottom.

Why the creators chose goose as the main character? According to many people, the goose is one of those birds of which the people are afraid in a good way and not in an evil way like they are of snakes. Thus, the creators chose goose as the main character of the game.

These jokes are not new and are known by the users, thus helping them in doing the mischievous things at the right moment, hence creating a funny situation. Even if the user fails at one attempt, the failed attempt would also be quite funny. The creators have done a great job in making a game that is simple, funny and not at all complex, making it an instant hit — a pretty good strategy, to be honest.

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