What’s new in the Apex Legends Season 3?

The Apex Legends Season 3 is here and has a treasure box of new features. The users would be able to see a new map along with a new character called Crypto. The new map, called World’s Edge, would have a variety of landscapes like a frozen tower, volcano, fairyland and many more. The new features appeared in trailer released by Apex on Friday.

Crypto would be having a grand entry in the game, being one of the most powerful characters along with a new weapon and also a new outfit. The trailer showed the first look of Crypto and the abilities that he would be having. The video showed that Crypto would have a personal drone through which he can view the whole map from above. The drone can even convert into baton, to help Crypto in fighting with the rivals.

The map also comes with some remarkable features. One of them being, the option of shooting the players in the air, thanks to the geyser on the map. Not only this, the trailer also shows a floating container which, when broken down, would give the users a key to unlock a room for a variety of loot. There is also the introduction of the Charge Rifle, the new weapon of the season. There would also be a Battle Pass available for the players in this season in order to give them certain unreleased information and various advantages. Along with that, this season would also see the return of the Ranked Series which would allow the users to fight against other users who would be having the same skills and are on the same level.

According to news, the Apex Legends Season 3 would be releasing on the 1st of October for all the PC, PS4 and Xbox One users, hence giving an early holiday gift to all the gamers out there. The new version of the game is going to be a hit, with an absolutely new map, a new character, new weapons, and loots.

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