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The upcoming iPhone design has been revealed

The iPhone 11 series have become the favorite of the people and their feature and design have even revolutionized the smartphone world. But this news might upset the customers and make them think that they should have waited for some more time. Apparently, a new leak has arrived describing the design of the upcoming 2020 iPhone model and is definitely worth the wait.

The leak was done by Ben Geskin, and according to his review, there have been remarkable changes in the design and features of the upcoming model. The most eye catching feature is that Apple has cut the notch without even cutting done the True depth and the Face ID of the device. To make the notch a part of the device, the company has fit the Face ID and True Depth into the top bezel, hence giving more space for the notch.

This makes the device having thicker bezels which might be a trend in 2020. Apart from this good news, there are other features too which might make the upcoming model an instant hit. Apple would be finally bringing 5G compatible iPhones and would probably have the fastest network till date. The iPhone 12 Pro, guessing this would be the name, would even have an increase in size, thanks to the notch, up to 6.7 inches.

The leaks have even shown the screen sizes, the presence of USB-C port, which most of the devices are removing, ProMotion displays and of course there would be the Touch ID, the remarkable feature of all iPhones. There are even rumors regarding that Apple would even be bringing an iPhone which would be able to Fold. If this comes true, then Apple would probably be the second company to enter the Foldable device industry, if Huawei cannot make its entry, and would even cross the benchmark set by Galaxy Fold.

No doubt iPhone 11 series is really good, but with the leaks coming up for the 2020 model, we can say that the 11 series might just fade away with all the glamour being taken away by the iPhone 12 series.

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