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Amazon is entering the mobile world with Echo earbuds, rings and glasses

The Amazon event bought into view the upcoming Echo loops, Echo glasses, and Echo earbuds, marking the presence of Amazon in the mobile world. There are a lot of reasons as to why a person should have these devices as they have all the features that one would need. The Echo earbuds have a unique feature “noise reduction” which cancels the external noise completely and Alexa playing the song of your choice.

The Echo series is known to be used only in the indoors, but with these products one can even have the benefit of using the Echo devices anywhere. As stated by Daniel Rausch, “Customers don’t want to be bounded by the technology that we put in any particular box” stating the reason as to why these devices were made.

The exact function of the Echo loops and Echo glasses are not yet known, but there are chances that Amazon would release the product description videos soon. The earbuds are going to be handy, wireless and of course, would be smart, with Alexa taking commands from the user. The smart frames might have some of the remarkable features such as guiding the person on the road, showing maps and related things. The purpose of Echo Loop is not known. Leaving that aside, the Echo buds are priced at $130, the Frames at $180 and the Echo Loop at $130. The shipping of the buds would be made at the time of holidays, reaching the customers before the holidays end.

With the Echo devices improving and being portable, Amazon is going to have profit from the new strategy. Apart from that, it has even been heard that Amazon is partnering with General Motors, thus marking its presence in the automotive industry as well.

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