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Galaxy Fold has finally arrived in the United States

The most awaited phone of the decade has finally arrived: the Galaxy Fold. The United States finally had the opportunity to have the Fold in its premises, and soon it would be in sale in US. The device was said to hit the markets in April, but due to technical issues and breakdowns, the Galaxy Fold had to wait for 5 months for the launch.

The Fold had been the longest and the biggest project of Samsung, spending over six years for the model to come right and just when Samsung was about to reach the zenith, Fold got in bad condition and there were negative reviews stating the breakdown and other issues. The Samsung Fold was about to be the first-ever foldable phone in the world, and there is even competition in this field. Huawei is also working on the foldable phone project, and with the failure of Samsung Galaxy Fold, Huawei had the chance to make it to the top. But there was a turn of events, and luckily Samsung got another chance.

In a recent review video, it has been shown the improvements that Samsung has done in order to solve all the issues that Fold had earlier. The new Fold has made certain changes in its hardware by decreasing the hinge gap, by positioning the protective film under the bezels so that it won’t come off as it did earlier. Samsung has not made any changes in the software, which shows that the software is perfect for Fold and the hardware only needed changes.

For now, Fold has finally arrived in the markets of the United States and would be available in the online sites and retail stores in the US. The cost of the device is quite high, which was expected as the Fold is the first-ever foldable phone in the world and would be setting benchmarks for rest of the smartphones coming in the future.

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