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iPhone 11 gets praised by Austin Mann for its exceptional camera

The release of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro has already created seized the attention of the smartphone enthusiasts. The all new camera features of the devices are what everyone is talking about, even though they have hampered the design of the device. Interestingly, iPhone 11 Pro has been praised by renounced photographer Austin Mann, who said that the features are quite remarkable and worthy of praise.

Mann had taken the iPhone 11 Pro to China and has posted the images that he clicked with the device along with a blog full of praise for the features. The device comes with a primary lens, a wide lens, and an ultra-wide lens and a lot more never-seen-before features. Apparently, Mann appreciated the shooting of images with the ultra-wide lens saying that they cover more of the scenario and captures the exact details of the scene.

Apart from that, the most praised feature was the “night mode” feature. The pictures taken by Mann would tell you the reason for all the praises for the night mode. While the night mode in other devices makes the images look like they have been captured during the daytime, the iPhone 11 Pro doesn’t do that. It captures the artistic essence of the scenario with the night mode showing the beauty of the scene during the night. According to Mann, the night mode is the “most dramatic leap forward we’ve seen” and is worthy of all the praises.

Though there are some areas where the device can improve like, the ultra-wide lens is not quite suitable for low light atmosphere shootings, though the images captured by the ultra-wide lens in normal lighting are fabulous. The wide lens is probably the best to shoot during the night and has the best focus, aperture and shutter range out of the three lenses.

Another appreciable feature is the “Capture Outside the frame,” which would allow the user to cover more area while shooting an image. Along with that, it would also notify the user if a human being is detected outside the frame, which the user can crop. With this new feature, there are numerous editing possibilities for users. So for all those who are still in doubt whether to upgrade to iPhone 11 or not, here’s the reason, given by Austin Mann, for you.

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